How to beat Lu Bu at Xiapi in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How to beat Lu Bu at Xiapi in Wo Long: fallen dynasty featured

Your first battle with Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty takes place at Hulaoguan Pass where he’s riding a horse. The second time you face him, much later in the adventure, circumstances have changed considerably. Here is our guide explaining how to beat Lu Bu at Xiapi in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Wo Long – Steps on how to beat Lu Bu at Xiapi

During the first battle with Lu Bu, the general idea was that you wanted to keep your distance except to counter his critical blows. You could then respond with a fatal blows of your own. It was a grueling battle, fought mostly on the defensive.

To beat Lu Bu at Xiapi, go on the offensive and rack up damage quickly to avoid an extended duel. Hong Jing helpfully fights by your side to speed things along. Before attempting the encounter, try to plant all battle and marker flags throughout the stage. That step guarantees a morale level of 20 or higher.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Lu Bu At Xiapi Hong Jing Needs Assistance

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As you fight Lu Bu, keep Hong Jing in the battle. She aggressively attacks Lu Bu and often requires recovery assistance. Be careful when providing it; she typically falls at the worst possible moment. Don’t make yourself a stationary target for a series of attacks from Lu Bu. Stick near enough to Hong Jing to help her out as needed while focusing on Lu Bu. If you have it available, you can use your restorative summon to heal your ally in a pinch.

When attacking Lu Bu, the idea is to fill his meter quickly so you can use a fatal blow. Attack his flanks with martial arts while he’s distracted and deflect or dodge close-range attacks from his weapon. He pivots in a hurry, or jumps into the air before pounding the ground, so keep moving. His close-range attacks do very little damage, or even none when blocked. Meanwhile, Hong Jing helps to fill the meter and distracts your foe. That’s why you want to keep her in the fight.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Lu Bu At Xiapi Fireball Critical Blow

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Lu Bu favors a few critical blows. Sometimes, he leaps into the air before crashing down on you. This move is easy to see coming and deflect. Other times, he charges you with his trident. The timing here is trickier, but doable. He often follows that move up with a second critical blow. Be ready to deflect twice.

Lu Bu’s favorite critical blow finds him hurling a huge fireball your way. Deflect it as it arrives. He volleys it back to you more quickly. Deflect it again and then deflect it a third time. It finally hits Lu Bu and fills part of his meter. Once you have his life meter down to its halfway point, this move evolves to include a fourth fireball.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Lu Bu At Xiapi Flaming Attacks

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Sometimes, Lu Bu appears dazed. Don’t be fooled. Back away to avoid an impending blast. Otherwise, Lu Bu’s relies on standard moves that are still a threat because they may stun you. When Lu Bu he is at a medium distance, dodge his lengthy weapon swings. If his weapon is ablaze, roll to the side to avoid lethal thrusts. When Lu Bu circles the area at a longer distance, the series of smaller fireballs he sends your way are easily deflected. Try to stay closer to his side, though.

It’s a challenging fight, but a lot easier if you’re dealing damage throughout it, rather than waiting to only counter critical blows.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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