How to change mountain style and height

How to change mountain style and height

Near the tail end of the Blazin’ Trails quest in Genshin Impact, you’ll be able to change the mountain style and height. This is a fairly nifty mechanic, as it essentially gives you some altered locations to explore. It’s also somewhat akin to what you did the previous day with the special rocks in the bonsai pot. Here’s our Genshin Impact Blazin’ Trails guide to help you change the mountain style and height in the Broken Isle area.

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Genshin Impact Blazin’ Trails guide – How to change Mountain Style and Height in the Broken Isle area

To change the mountain style and height in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to progress further in the Blazin’ Trails quest until you’ve met Frozen Soul. This entails the following tasks:

  • Entering the mirage domain to meet the giant flower known as Blazing Heart.
  • Learning about the mechanics of the Melodic Harps and Melodic Pedals.
  • Removing the obstacles to the flow of water veins and acquiring the Glacial Spring Water.
  • A bit of fluff involving Xinyan and memories of her past.

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Blazing Heart will then tell you about its friend, Frozen Soul, giving you access to the upper levels of the central chamber. Activate the Melodic Harp, ride the wind current, and hit the nearest drum on the upper level.

Follow the bridge that just formed to reach Frozen Soul’s room. After the conversation, go to the marked location and use Frozen Soul’s Petal. This will cause the heights of the mountains to shift. Once more, you’ll need to clear the flow of water veins. Frozen Soul will thank you for completing this task. You can continue onward to finish the quest proper, too.

In any case, doing the above allows you to change Broken Isle’s mountain style and height in Genshin Impact. This is done by interacting with the main drum on Broken Isle’s northern beach (the same one that you’ve been using to enter the mirage domain).

There are two variants:

  • Variant #1: Tall mountains – This is the default version where there are several towering mountains.
  • Variant #2: Mini mountains – The two mountains to the northeast and east are of average height. Meanwhile, the one that’s closer to the main landmass is significantly smaller.

Explore these places at your own leisure, and you might discover additional puzzles and loot. A good example is when the western mountain becomes smaller.

This will reveal a tunnel that leads to the bottom where you can complete a totem puzzle for a secret Phantasmal Conch.

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