How to complete Lead by Example mission in Warzone 2 DMZ

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The missions in Warzone 2‘s DMZ mode range from surprisingly easy to outright hard. ‘Lead by Example’ can fall into either of these categories despite its intimidating objective (depending on who you ask). Putting two commanders down in one minute does sound daunting at first, but with coordination, preparation, and a whole lot of communication, players will be able to blow this mission out of the water in no time at all. Here’s our guide on how to complete Lead by Example mission in Warzone 2 DMZ.

How to kill two Commanders in 60 seconds in Warzone 2 DMZ

Warzone 2 Bombmaker Location

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This mission absolutely requires a team of three or more. It’s technically possible with just two people, though having more guys will significantly increase the odds of success. Assemble a squad, head to Ashika Island, and get ready to hunt down Bombmaker and the Commander Helicopter. The former always spawns in Tsuki Castle, while the latter can be called in by completing a Secure Intel contract.

The easiest way to kill Bombmaker in Warzone 2 DMZ is to secure the radio tower by the gas station on the northeastern shore. This vantage point gives a clear view of the boss’ unarmored head that a sniper can safely shoot. On the off chance that Bombmaker isn’t visible from this spot, the team will have to storm the castle the old-fashioned way.

Final suggestions to complete the Lead by Example mission in Warzone 2 DMZ

If you’re going the sniper route, we recommend using either the Victus XMR or Signal 50 with a high-magnification scope. Bombmaker can be seen strolling across the window on the castle’s upper floor. Aim about one notch or higher depending on the scope to account for bullet drop.

As for the Command Helo, players can take it down by capturing a nearby SAM Site. The anti-air defense installation will automatically turn the chopper into a burning pile of scrap within 10 seconds.

Communication is crucial when doing Lead by Example in DMZ, especially since other players might be going planning on doing the same objective. If you encounter another squad, try asking them to team up through the Assimilation feature. Not only can this potentially save a run, but it’ll also reduce the total number of competitors on the map and make the rest of the match proceed much more smoothly.

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