How to complete the Fortnite Nindo challenges and earn Naruto rewards

How to complete the Fortnite Nindo challenges and earn Naruto rewards

Epic Games does not shy away from releasing crossovers in Fortnite. Chapter 3 Season 3 is no different with Darth Vader getting featured in the battle pass, and the launch of a new Spider-Man Zero skin. Apart from crossovers, this season has introduced new points of interest, added new ways to travel around the island with the Grapple Glove, and wolves and boars. Another Fortnite crossover has arrived, coming with Nindo challenges which give you a chance to unlock Naruto goodies. This includes emoticons, a glider, weapon wrap, and even some XP rewards. Here’s how to claim them.

Before you can begin earning, you must log in to The Nindo website with your Epic Games account. Then, make your way to the ‘Challenges’ page and take them on in Fortnite, while using the website to track your progress. As you complete the challenges, you will earn the badges you need to unlock the Fortnite Naruto rewards.


What are the Fortnite x Naruto rewards?

Earning a badge from the Itachi path unlocks the Shocked Itachi Emoticon. A badge from the Gaara path will add the Focused Gaara Emoticon to your locker. Finally, one badge from the Hinata path will unlock the Byakugan Hinata Emoticon and a badge from the Orochimaru path will grant you the Orochimaru’s Smile Emoticon.

Let’s face it, emoticons are not the most exciting reward you can earn in Fortnite. Luckily, acquiring 10 badges from any path will unlock the Akatsuki Weapon Wrap, and completing all four paths will award you with the Manda Glider. Also, unlocking five badges from one path will see you add 20,000 XP towards your battle pass. This means you can earn up to 80,000 XP by unlocking all five badges from each path.

There is plenty of time to work through the challenges and get your hands on the rewards. You have until July 7 to complete the challenges and unlock the Fortnite Naruto rewards.

Fortnite Naruto Challenges Rewards The Nindo

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