How to complete the golden vault Easter egg on Rebirth Island

How to complete the golden vault Easter egg on Rebirth Island

The Warzone Pacific mid-Season Two update made changes in Rebirth Island. Players have new areas of the map to explore, as well as a Docks Easter egg that allows you to get your hands on a free supply crate. Raven Software are not stopping there, of course. Another Easter egg has gone live on Rebirth Island, which grants you a bunch of strong loot hiding within the Golden Vaults.

You may have noticed that three Golden Vaults were added to Rebirth Island following the mid-season update. However, players have been left in the dark as to what they are for. That is until now, as players have discovered how to open them.


How to open the golden vaults in Rebirth Island

To begin the Rebirth Island golden vault Easter egg, you have to make your way to the Prison point of interest. Inside the Prison, there are various cell blocks. Search them to find six remotes with a red light on them. Make sure you interact with each remote. Once you have completed this step, a red phone in the middle of the Prison block will ring. Locate the phone and listen to the numerical code the voice reads off. Memorize the cod, and input it on the keypad at one of the Golden Vaults. Once you have done so successfully, you will be able to enter the vault and loot up.

If you want to complete the Easter egg more than once, the remotes will move to different cells around the Prison after every match. The code changes, so you will have to repeat the steps again after each game.

Completing the Golden Vault Easter egg will definitely get your Rebirth Island match off to a strong start. Inside the vaults are armor satchels, gas masks, legendary weapon, and much more, all of which can give you the upper hand over your opponents.

Rebirth Island Golden Vault Easter Egg.

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