How to create a backup save

How to create a backup save

Like previous titles from Supermassive Games, The Quarry is about making choices and living with the consequences. However, you might be the type of player who wants to get a lot of things done at every given moment. That’s where backup saves come in, allowing you to bypass a chunk of each chapter. Here’s our backup save guide for The Quarry to help you keep track of your progress in case you need to reload to a previous point.

Note: We’ll have a guides and features hub for The Quarry soon, so stay tuned.


The Quarry guide – How to create backup saves

Having a backup save in The Quarry is especially useful if you need to make a crucial decision, handle multiple QTEs, pick up any missable Tarot Cards, or ensure that everyone is still alive by sunrise.  Due to how the game is structured, you’ll have no choice but to follow through until the very end, as you’ll need to finish the whole campaign just to unlock the Chapter Select feature.

Even then, that feature will simply cause you to start from the very beginning of a chapter, which isn’t a very intuitive system. As such, if an important decision happens much later in the chapter, you’ll have no choice but to rewatch all the unskippable cutscenes and redo all the QTEs just to get to that point.

The Quarry Backup Save Save File 1

Anyway, to create a backup save in The Quarry, simply navigate to: “C:\Users\DESKTOP\AppData\Local\TheQuarry\Saved\SaveGames.” There, you should find three files:

  • OptionPCOnly.sav
  • OptionSettings.sav
  • SaveGame0.sav

The SaveGame file is what you need, though I also decided to copy the two option files. Just create an extra folder and put the files therein. You may also rename your folder based on the current chapter or scene/choice. For instance, my folders tend to have names like: “Ch2a Emma choice,” “Ch2b Nick left-right,” Ch2 Ryan truthdare,” and so on.

When the need arises, just exit back to the main menu, copy the backup files, and paste them into the SaveGames folder. When you continue your run, that file will be the backup even if the system shows a different character or playtime.

To be clear, though, this method doesn’t load the scene at the exact time that a choice needs to be made. Rather, it will load the instance just before that (i.e., a cutscene or dialogue prior to the decision/QTE). At the very least, you’d be a lot closer to where you left off, as opposed to restarting the chapter completely. Lastly, you can use this in conjunction with the Death Rewind mechanic if you truly want to see some gruesome character death scenes.

The Quarry Backup Save Save File 2

The Quarry is available via Steam.

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