How to farm nano gel in Ghost Song fast

Ghost Song Farm Nano Gel 3

If you want to know how to farm nano gel fast in Ghost Song, you’ve come to the right place. Grinding up enough to go wild at the shops doesn’t actually take all that long. I’m going to tell you where you need to go and how you should use the area to get all the nano gel you need.

First, fast travel to Norberg Laboratory. If you’ve explored thoroughly, the entrance to the slime tunnels is in this room. Jump through the ceiling where the light is shining. For this, I recommend two things: the wheel melee weapon and the Nano Boost module. Here’s a picture on the map showing you where to go.

Ghost Song Farm Nano Gel 2

The wheel is perfect for hitting slimes since they’re so low to the ground. The Nano Boost module, on the other hand, increases how much nano gel you get, so you’ll definitely want that. As soon as you enter the hallway above the Norberg Lab teleport room, you’ll want to start shooting at the slimes and hitting them with your wheel. They’ll die fairly quickly no matter what, but the wheel makes very short work of them. Keep heading left and exit this room until you get to the next screen.

Farm nano gel fast in Ghost Song

Once there, you’ll see even more slimes. These are bigger, so they’ll take a bit more work to kill. Once you clear them out, head right back to the room you just left. The slimes have respawned, so take them out again. Keep going right until you drop back into the teleport room. Here, it’s a good idea to save (you don’t want the game to crash and wipe any progress you’ve made while grinding). After that, turn right back around and do it again. With Nano Boost, you can easily net yourself nearly 1,000 nano gel per run in a short amount of time. Keep doing this until you’ve got what you need.

Ghost Song Farm Nano Gel 1

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