How to Fix Mic Not Working in Warzone 2

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Communication is key to any team-based multiplayer game. That holds true, especially for intense multiplayer shooters like the Call of Duty series. Some players who have hopped into the latest Call of Duty battle royale, Call of Duty: Warzone 2, have reported issues with their microphones not working. Not having a mic in Warzone 2 is going to cause a lot of issues for players.

Those in this position would be unable to speak to their teammates to coordinate their strategies, and it would also prevent them from being able to make use of Warzone 2’s new proximity chat feature. This lets players hear other enemy teams who happen to be nearby. While there isn’t an official fix yet, there may be some solutions to resolve your mic not working in Warzone 2.


How can you fix your mic in Warzone 2?

The first solution is to check voice settings within Warzone 2. Navigate to the audio page in the settings menu of the game and ensure that both proximity chat and voice chat are turned on. You should also make sure that the voice chat device is being picked up as your default option. Beyond doing this in Warzone 2, it would also be wise to double-check that your PC is registering your pic as the default audio device while playing.

It’s also worth checking the audio settings to make sure you have the correct chat type enabled. Warzone 2 offers players with mics an open mic setting or a push-to-talk setting. Push-to-talk means that players can only speak when they hold down the Z button on their keyboards.

If none of this has worked, then it is likely the issue is with your mic or PC rather than Warzone 2. You can try simply removing and plugging the mic back in, and you can also try checking if your mic requires a software update. To do this, go to Device Manager, Audio inputs, right-click on your mic, and choose the update driver option.

The next step is to check that your mic is actually connected to your PC. You may want to test this by trying out other games or videos, or by going to your audio settings in Windows. In the audio settings, found in “Manage sound devices,” you can check all the currently enabled audio devices and disable the ones that you do not need for the time being.

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