How to Get More Food and Water

How to Get More Food and Water

In Floodland, you and your people have to survive a harsh, post-apocalyptic world. It goes without saying that you’ll also need a means of sustenance. Here’s our Floodland guide to help you get more food and water from both natural resources and buildings.

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Floodland guide – How to get more food and water

The most common way to obtain food and water at the start of your Floodland run is to use the Search action (“R” key). This will send out your survivors to gather various resources from surrounding areas, including rubbish, wood, and the like. Likewise, you may click on abandoned buildings and ruins to see if some materials have been left behind.

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Past this point, however, you’ll need to construct the right buildings via tech tree research unlocks. You’ll find these options under the Survival tab of the tech tree:

  • Fishing Dock and Shellfish Post chain – Produces Risky Food.
  • Forager Hut chain – Produces Safe Food.
  • Water Still chain – Produces Potable Water.
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From there, you’ll want to look at additional options:

  • Field Kitchen chain – This is one of the most important building chains in Floodland if we’re talking about food, water, and general sustenance, since it converts Risky Food into Safe Food.
  • Mill chain – Converts soybeans into flour.
  • Baker Station chain – Converts flour into Safe Food.
  • Insect Hut chain – Converts soybeans into Safe Food.

Note 1: Turning Risky Food into Safe Food is ideal, since the former has a chance of poisoning survivors. Moreover, it’s possible for people to still eat icky food even if you have a surplus of the good stuff.

Note 2: After completing some key objectives such as sending out an Expedition or surviving a contagion, you’re told about an impending catastrophe: monster fish. While this is happening, most of your docks will be useless, as though other creatures have eaten them before they could be caught. That’s why it’s imperative to have a surplus, as well as other sources/conversion methods, to prepare for the looming danger.

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Floodland is available via Steam.

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