How to get Secret Cloak and Necklace in Forspoken

Forspoken Secret Cloak Secret Necklace Old Coins Sewing Kit

Forspoken Secret Cloak Secret Necklace Old Coins Sewing Kit

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The world of Forspoken has many hidden things for you to discover. These include a couple of items for Frey, quite possibly the best gear pieces that can be acquired in the game. Here’s our Forspoken guide to help you get the secret cloak and secret necklace via Old Coins and the Sewing Kit.

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Forspoken guide: How to get the Secret Cloak and Secret Necklace

64 Old Coins

To get the secret cloak and secret necklace in Forspoken, you’ll want to amass at least 64 Old Coins. These objects are primarily found inside puzzle chests, ones where you have to move around blocks until the diagram is correct. Do note that there are vendors in Cipal that might ask for Old Coins, so try not to spend your currency too early.

Curiosity Shop Hidden Merchant

Once you have the Old Coins, you’ll want to visit the hidden merchant in the Curiosity Shop. He’s located in a house in the Inner Visoria zone, which is well southeast of Cipal and directly south of the Academy Hills zone.

Upon arriving in Inner Visoria, tag the Refuge and head to the Belfry. You can check the cliffs for grapple points that you can use, assuming you already have Fire Magic from Tanta Sila. You’ll see the hut along a crag. Inside, talk to the merchant and purchase the Sewing Kit for 64 Old Coins.

Secret Cloak and Secret Necklace: Unbroken and Home Sweet Hell

Now that you have the Sewing Kit, you’re ready to make the secret cloak and secret necklace in Forspoken. Simply return to any crafting station in a Refuge and the blueprints should pop up once you have the ingredients. You’ll need the following for each item: 3x fluteblossom, 3x bumbershoot, and 3x lucid garland for each.

  • Unbroken Secret Cloak – Critical hits absorb enemy health and boost Surge Magic; Cuff counters increase Surge Magic recharge rate.
  • Home Sweet Hell – Stamina is boosted when you use Attack Magic while parkouring; Killer Blows deal more damage; recover from defenselessness faster.

Forspoken is available via Steam.

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