How to get the Cinnabar Spindle and Alkahest

How to get the Cinnabar Spindle and Alkahest

After finishing the Snowy Past quest, you’ll gain access to several activities in Dragonspine. One of these is called Born of the Snow. Our task here is actually fairly simple, we just need to build a Puffy Snowman. In turn, we’ll receive a special weapon. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with the new Cinnabar Spindle 4-star sword, its Alkahest refinement material, and whether or not this weapon is actually good.

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Genshin Impact Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event guide – Cinnabar Spindle and Alkahest

Getting the Cinnabar Spindle

To build a Puffy Snowman, you’ll need to collect Snowman Heads from the Dragonspine Combat Training and Dragonspine Tracker Training activities. Likewise, the ice blocks that you’ll find while doing the latter contains some components and accessories, too. Once you’re able to fully construct a Puffy Snowman, you’ll get the Cinnabar Spindle sword in Genshin Impact.

The Cinnabar Spindle has DEF as a sub-stat. Likewise, it’s got the Spotless Heart perk. This perk increases elemental skill damage by 40% of the wielder’s DEF stat. The effect can only be triggered once every 1.5 seconds, and will be cleared almost immediately after the skill deals damage.

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Getting the Alkahest

As for the Alkahest refinement material, you’ll find it in the event shop. Each piece costs 400 Snowstrider Emblems (obtained by completing challenge tasks).

To be clear, though, only two pieces are available now. But, there’s a Trial Trophies Shop that will go live on December 20. It might have additional refinement materials.

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Is the Cinnabar Spindle good?

The short answer is “yes,” especially if you already have Albedo. A key reason why we rate Albedo fairly high in our September Anniversary Tier List is that he’s an amazing off-field DPS. You can plop down his Solar Isotoma elemental skill, and triggered reactions will deal significant damage based on Albedo’s DEF. If you’re using something like 2x Archaic Petra and 2x Defender’s Will, or, better yet, 4x Husk of Opulent Dreams from the Slumbering Court domain, then you can stack multiple instances where DEF is boosted.

Now, if Albedo is wielding the Cinnabar Spindle in Genshin Impact, then you’ve got even more buffs to consider. With DEF as a sub-stat and an elemental skill damage increase that scales further from DEF, the weapon feels like it’s made for everyone’s favorite alchemist.

Moreover, it’s a freebie from this event, so it’s ideal for free-to-play peeps. Lastly, it’s got a leveling boost while the event is ongoing, so you won’t need to worry about using up too many ores.

Genshin Impact Cinnabar Spindle Alkahest Albedo Is The Cinnabar Spindle Good 2

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