How to get the Envirosuit from the Supporter’s Edition

How to get the Envirosuit from the Supporter's Edition

Icarus is now live. If you check its store page, you might notice a purchasable DLC called the Supporter’s Edition. In a way, it acts as an expansion pass with a couple of goodies. Here’s our Icarus mini-guide to help you obtain the First Cohort Envirosuit from the Supporter’s Edition.

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Icarus guide: How to get the First Cohort Envirosuit from the Supporter’s Edition

As mentioned, the Icarus Supporter’s Edition DLC is also an expansion pass. It’ll give you access to New Frontiers and Dangerous Horizons, two episodes that will be made available in the future. Likewise, you’ll be able to try two additional Outposts, the forest and arctic biomes, which are sandbox environments that don’t have a session timer/permadeath mechanic.

However, one thing that might help you out is the First Cohort Envirosuit. It has an extra module slot, an extra oxygen slot, an extra water slot, and a passive that lowers perceived threat by 5% when you’re stealthed.

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Icarus First Cohort Envirosuit Supporter's Edition 1

To unlock it, you’ll need to create a character. Then, select that character and click on the Workshop tab at the top of the screen. You should see two options on the left:

  • XIGO S5-II Envirosuit – This costs 75 gold in total to research and craft (the currency itself is obtained by completing Prospect missions).
  • First Cohort Envirosuit – This one doesn’t have any costs. Just click twice and you should unlock it. You can then go to the Loadout tab and equip it prior to starting a session.

A Note Regarding the First Cohort Envirosuit From the Icarus Supporter’s Edition

As an aside, I should mention that the above steps to unlock the First Cohort Envirosuit come from developer replies and an FAQ. Unfortunately, I personally haven’t been able to unlock it myself. What I do know is that the code we received did include the two additional Outpost biomes that are part of the Supporter’s Edition. However, clicking on the First Cohort Envirosuit wasn’t working at all.

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Based on the wording of the responses, it seems that this will only be available if the DLC was pre-ordered before the launch, even though it still appears on the store page. I’ve tried to clarify this matter, and I’ll update this guide accordingly once I receive a reply. For now, I do hope that it works fine on your end.

Icarus First Cohort Envirosuit Supporter's Edition 2a

Icarus is available via Steam.

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