How to get Wings of The Starlit Feast

Genshin Impact: How to get Wings of The Starlit Feast featured

Genshin Impact has a variety of different cosmetics in the game, such as skins for both your characters and wind glider. Your glider is one of your most trusted tools, allowing you to fly and float to faraway places using the power of the wind. And like any good live-service game, such an important tool is rife for skins and recolors. The Wings of the Starlit Feast in Genshin Impact is one of those cosmetics, prettying up the feathers on your back so you can maneuver the world in style.

However, you’ll have to jump through some prime hoops to get the Wings of Starlit Feast on the backs of your characters. These Amazon Prime-sized hoops require you to create a Prime Gaming account and redeem some of the bundles for Genshin Impact. How exactly can you get the Wings of Starlit Feast in Genshin Impact?

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Claiming the Wings of Starlit Feast

This wind glider is obtainable by just about everyone who has a Prime Gaming account. It’s actually a simple requirement: you just need to redeem four of the Genshin Impact Prime Gaming bundles, which give your account some free rewards. These drops typically include some Primogems or Hero’s Resin, Hero’s Wit, and a random assortment of food to assist you on your journey. After redeeming four of these bundles, your account should automatically receive the Wings of Starlit Feast wind glider in June.

Currently, the Genshin Impact Prime Gaming bundles are slated to last until May 2023. As of this writing, there are four bundles left, giving you just enough time to grab this special Wind Glider for yourself. If you have already been retroactively collecting these codes, your account should be good to go to obtain these cosmetics. You’ll need an active Amazon Prime membership to participate in this event, which means it won’t be free.

Prime Gaming Bundle

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