How to sacrifice and revive followers

How to sacrifice and revive followers

There are many rituals in Cult of the Lamb. A couple, however, are downright hilarious to use, with certain effects that can be a boon to your flock. Here’s our Cult of the Lamb guide to help you sacrifice and revive followers.

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Cult of the Lamb Rituals guide – How to sacrifice and revive followers

Sacrificing followers

You’ll gain the Sacrifice of the Flesh ritual from The One Who Waits fairly early on in your run (after beating the second miniboss). This allows you to sacrifice followers in Cult of the Lamb. So, why exactly would you do it?

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Well, that’s because sacrificing one of your flock does confer a few benefits in these situations:

  • Older followers no longer work as much as younger ones, and they’re often close to death’s door. By default, followers that die will cause the others to lose -20 faith, so if several elders die of old age, then you’ll get a snowball effect of really unhappy NPCs.
  • Followers with low faith will become dissenters, eventually influencing others or causing a ruckus. Why not take them out?
  • The higher the level of a follower, the bigger the boost they’ll provide to your Crown bar (which speeds up the acquisition of upgrades).

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When you feel like it, go ahead and choose a follower. They’ll happily go to their doom, snatched up by an eldritch tentacle and pulled into the maw. This mechanic can also be combined with some traits or doctrines:

  • Afterlife I: Belief in Sacrifice – +20 faith when another cult member is sacrificed.
  • Sustenance II: Cannibal Trait – +5 faith when eating meals made from Follower Meat.

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Reviving followers

But, wait, there’s more! Remember, your followers will still grow old and die. In some cases, they might be valuable to your campaign (i.e., they have awesome traits). The good news is that you can also revive followers in Cult of the Lamb. Even better, they’ll be young again when they respawn.

All you need is Afterlife II: Ritual of Resurrection. This unlocks a ritual where you select a dead follower to bring back to the land of the living.

Note: Both these types of rituals have lengthier cooldowns compared to others.

Cult Of The Lamb Sacrifice Follower Revive Follower Ritual Guide 2

Cult of the Lamb is available via Steam.

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