How to switch weapons while deflecting

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty how to Deflect Counterattack and switch weapons featured

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty rewards players who make the most of its system of attacks, dodges, deflections, martial arts, and wizardry. A tutorial walks players through the basics, but some of that information may not sink in and come to mind much later in the game, when it is needed most. There are some advanced techniques that aren’t quite necessary, but which you would do well to master. Here is our guide on how to switch weapons while deflecting in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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How to switch weapons while deflecting in Wo Long

Throughout most of the game, players can vanquish foes with a standard assortment of attacks. Sometimes, particularly when facing off against bosses, they will need to deflect powerful attacks, then find a way to counter-attack when the time is right.

To switch weapons while deflecting in Wo Long, equip weapons in both available melee slots. As an enemy launches an attack, wait until it is just about to hit. Then deflect it.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Deflect Counterattack Tutorial

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The nature of your deflection is what makes things work a bit differently than usual. Under normal circumstances, you press a single button to deflect the attack. That technique sends the enemy stumbling back a few steps, and then you can follow up as you like. However, agile enemies might recover too quickly for you to gain an advantage. Instead of giving them that chance, you can immediately strike with your second melee weapon. The game calls this more advanced technique the deflect counterattack.

Suppose you have the Soaring Ursine Mace equipped as your primary weapon. In the second melee slot, you might have the Dual Rooster-Crowing Halberds. As you face an enemy, it swings its sword at you. Quickly, you press the shoulder button (or already had it briefly held, as if the button might allow you to block) and the deflect button together. If you timed it properly, you switch out the mace with the halberds, dealing an immediate blow to your opponent even as you deflect its attack.

The above technique is useful even when you’re not trying to deflect, for those instances when you simply wish to switch between melee weapons in a hurry.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty can be purchased on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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