How to unlock the Hand Cannon

How to unlock the Hand Cannon

The Dead Space remake is a dark and gruesome game. And after hours of dismembering Necromorphs, it can get pretty tiresome. Luckily, we know of just the thing to brighten the game up a little bit. The Hand Cannon is an unlockable item in the Dead Space remake that brings a bit of fun to the game. But it’s probably not what you’d expect.

Longtime fans of the series may remember the Hand Cannon from Dead Space 2. It was a foam finger that dealt a huge amount of damage to enemies. Obviously, this was a joke weapon, but it was hilarious to use in contrast to the game’s horror atmosphere. But if you want to get it for yourself in the remake, you’re going to have to work for it.

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How to unlock the Hand Cannon in Dead Space

In order to unlock the Hand Cannon, there are some steps to work through. First, you’ll need to unlock Impossible mode. To do this you’ll have to play through the game on Hard difficulty. This is pretty tough, but longtime fans of Dead Space likely started on Hard mode anyway. And once you’ve beaten it, you’ll unlock the Impossible difficulty.

Impossible mode is the Dead Space remake’s hardest difficulty. Enemies will deal a lot of damage, have large health pools, and Isaac can die easily. The cherry on top is that the difficulty also has permadeath. If Isaac dies at any point in the playthrough, you’ll be sent right back to the beginning. This difficulty is the hardest challenge that the game has to offer. But completing it gives you the Hand Cannon, the Dead Space remake’s most powerful weapon. This is also the method for unlocking one of the game’s suits.

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Luckily, the Hand Cannon is a very fun reward. It’s reminiscent of super weapons and items from other survival horror games, such as the Princess Heart outfit from Silent Hill 3 or the infinite ammo rocket launcher from Resident Evil. Like all of these items, the Hand Cannon is the perfect way to let off some steam during a stressful game.

But the Dead Space remake’s Impossible difficulty is an extreme challenge. It requires deep knowledge of the whole game, and you may stumble even then. Dead Space is all about perseverance, though. Plus you get some neat rewards for seeing it through to the end.

The Dead Space remake is now available on Steam.

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