How to upgrade spells with Mana and Spellcraft Challenges

Forspoken Spellcraft Challenges How To Upgrade Spells Mana Guide

Forspoken Spellcraft Challenges How To Upgrade Spells Mana Guide

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Forspoken lets you play around with various magic spells that belong to different elements. While each ability has its use, you might want to boost their potential significantly. Here’s our Forspoken Mana and Spellcraft Challenges guide to help you upgrade your spells in the game.

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Forspoken guide: How to upgrade spells with Mana and Spellcraft Challenges

Spell upgrades using Mana

You can upgrade spells in Forspoken through the use of Mana or the completion of Spellcraft Challenges. Here’s the gist when it comes to Mana:

  • Mana Fonts are found scattered all over the world. They look like light blue wisps on the ground. You may also gain some Mana via level-ups, quests, and other sources.
  • Once you have enough, you can open your Magic panel in your menu. Select a spell and hold left-click or the enter key to learn it. There are, however, some caveats:
    • In most cases, only offensive/attack spells can be upgraded using this method. You’ll notice that there are lines connecting them, implying that previous levels are required.
    • Most support spells also use Mana primarily to get unlocked. Others, meanwhile, need to be discovered in specific locations.
  • Ideally, you’ll want to spend Mana on the skills that you use often. Still, if you think you made a mistake, you can also hold the delete key to refund the cost.

Spell upgrades via Spellcraft Challenges

The other method to upgrade spells in Forspoken relies on Spellcraft Challenges. Think of these as minor tasks or tallies that have a particular requirement. You’ll gain access to this mechanic by reading arcane books on shelves, first in the Archive that you visit during Chapter 4 and, from that point onward, inside every Refuge you visit.

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  • All spells in the game have their own related task. Even the upgraded/leveled variants have their own tallies (i.e., there are different tallies for Burst Shot levels 1, 2, and 3). As such, they need to be unlocked/leveled before you can see and select their respective challenge.
  • By default, you can select up to three challenges to track at any given time.
  • There are cases when you’d receive similar tasks, which might make it ideal to tackle those at the same time. But, you need to make sure that X spell lands the killing blow. For instance, Burst Shot and Genesis require you to kill X number of enemies, but the killing blows for each skill are tracked separately.
  • Movement-related abilities tend to rely more on exploration (i.e., evade X number of attacks by parkouring or climb a total of X meters). If you receive an avoidance-based objective, you can go to the Gameplay Settings menu to enable auto-dodge. Frey will automatically parkour when an enemy attempts to hit her.

Once you’ve completed a Spellcraft Challenge in Forspoken, you’ll be able to upgrade that type of spell. Simply open the Magic menu and hold left-click with the ability selected to buff it.

The perks include a damage/duration boost or utility improvement, as well as an increase to the type of elemental magic. For instance, +1 Purple Magic means you’ve got a stat boost for all earth/plant-based skills.

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Forspoken is available via Steam.

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