Humble Bundle October Choice games revealed include Anmesia: Rebirth

Humble Bundle October Choice 1

It’s a brand new month, and it’s a special month at that. It’s spooky season! The month of Halloween comes with ghosts and zombies galore, and a few games in October’s Humble Bundle Choice might just give you a fright. Unfortunately, there’s not a huge amount of scary games to find in this month’s package, but that’s OK. Hidden gems like Katana Zero help make October a worthwhile investment, alongside the scary Amnesia: Rebirth.

The Humble Bundle is a monthly subscription that offers 12 games to download and keep forever, with new games offered at the beginning of each month. The games are given out as keys for platforms like Steam or Origin. Plus, a portion of all profits go to charity.


A small price to pay

Arguably the largest offering this month is Amnesia: Rebirth, a first-person horror adventure where you must survive the Algerian desert and face your past. The game currently has ‘Mixed’ reviews on Steam, but a strong critical reception, so your mileage may vary. If instead, you’re looking for a lighter game to play, then Katana Zero should fit nicely in your library. The “stylish, neo-noir action-platformer” is a strong indie title that you’ll surely have a good time with.

Other games in the October choice package are John Wick Hex, 112 Operator, Guts and Glory, Ring of Pain, Garage: Bad Trip, The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia, Tools Up, Hiveswap Friendsim, Black Future ’88, and Syberia 3.

You can subscribe to the Humble Bundle October choice for a price of $19.99 USD, although the price will likely drop to $12.99 USD for most buyers. This month’s featured charity is Oceana, a non-profit dedicated to “advocating for the science-based fishery management” and “restoring the world’s oceans.” The DRM-Free game, The Groundz, is also up for grabs.

Humble Bundle October Choice 2

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