Humble Bundle weekly sale gets Serious with Sam

Croteam’s all-out action series Serious Sam assaults the Humble Bundle weekly sale. 8 games for a few bucks? Even Rich Knuckles knows that’s a good deal.

Serious Sam will indeed crush your sister with the fury of a thousand kitten sharks. And that’s no empty threat by the way.

Seriously though (sorry), this is one great bundle for the price as the Sam games were all pretty big hits. Also very cool about this one is that developer CroTeam and publisher Devolver Digital are using it to fund the next game in the Serious Sam series – Serious Sam 4.

If you buy up above the average contribution, you’ll also get yourself Serious Sam 3: BFE and SS2. A piece of history is included in the deal too as you’ll get yourself Serious Sam Public Test 2, one of the rarely seen original tests released by CroTeam before the first Sam game even hit the market way back in ’90s.

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If you want in, grab yourself a Bundle right here and get to shootin’.

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