Humble Choice expands and adds the Humble Games Collection

Humble Choice expands and adds the Humble Games Collection

The Humble Bundle is well known by now within the gaming community for its Humble Choice subscription package. Pay one price every month, and get a curated list of games that you get to keep forever. While the quality of these games is always up in the air, most of the time, it ends up being decent value. After all, it’s 12 or so games that you get for paying around $12 a month. Best of all, some of the money goes to charity.

Now the Humble Bundle is gearing up to improve its program. In a blog post, the team at Humble Bundle announced plans to improve Humble Choice. First, the paying for the subscription itself will be simplified. Oftentimes, the subscription’s price could vary wildly, so the price will stay at a stable $11.99 USD. It’s a single plan that allows you to choose all of the games, rather than tiered plans that let you choose what games you want.


A Humble collection of games

But what’s new to the Humble Bundle is the new Humble Collection. The Humble Collection features “an ever-growing curated library of games you can access and enjoy while you’re a Choice member.” This new feature will debut in February with a small set of games but will expand monthly and grow larger over time.

The games featured in the Humble Collection are Forager, Wizard of Legend, Dodgeball Academia, Unsighted, and Void Bastards. You’ll have to download the new Humble app for PC to access these games, however. Additionally, if you decide to skip a month or cancel your membership, you’ll lose access to these games until you re-subscribe. Other impactful features of the Humble Choice are exclusive discounts, and the Humble Trove. You can get more info about the Humble Collection by visiting the official website here.

Humble Choice Collection 2

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