Hunt: Showdown now has a solo Trials mode for PvE

Hunt: Showdown now has a solo Trials mode for PvE

Crytek’s first-person PvP bounty hunting game, Hunt: Showdown, finally emerged from Early Access in August 2019. Those entering this world not only have to worry about its dangerous mobs, but also its other bounty hunters. Many such hunters lie in wait for you to get the kill, then pounce on you in your weakened state. But if you want to practice social distancing in the game, fear not. In the recent major update for Hunt: Showdown, Trials mode makes its non-PvP debut.

Picking up the ropes

In update 1.4.1, Trials mode removes the human element. While it is not a full Hunt: Showdown experience, it will allow new players to familiarize themselves with the game. You can learn the map, figure out how to use weapons, and scope out the many enemies lying in wait. And you can do so in relative safety, as Trials mode removes one of the game’s most dangerous aspects.

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Within the mode, you can also choose either free exploration or a more structured approach with activities. The latter also provides progression and allows for certain unlocks as you play.

Hunt Showdown Now Has A Solo Trials Mode For Beginners (2)

This applies to all three maps in Hunt: Showdown. You’ll have the choice between easy, medium, and hard difficulties, each with their own challenges to overcome. Succeed, and you will earn yourself a star that you can use to unlock legendary hunter gear. As it’s intended to get you used to the game, you should be prepared to complete activities like killing a certain amount of enemies, getting a number of headshots, or navigating areas quickly.

Baby steps

The new Trials mode should help make Hunt: Showdown much more accessible to newcomers. By removing other players, at least for now, you will stand a better chance after learning what you can. Given the game’s emphasis on gunplay and navigation, it helps to have every advantage possible before jumping into the fray.

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Update 1.4.1 also adds in three new Legendaries, as well as the long-awaiting Dual Wielding feature.

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