Hunting covers

One of the biggest Spidey arcs announced so far for 2019, Hunted will see the web-head… hunted. And yes, there’ll be a lengthy list of variant covers to go along with it.

Hunting covers

We don’t know a ton about Hunted yet, other than that Spider-Man will find himself on the wrong end of a baddie. Not only that, but the tale will be based off of one of “Marvel’s most iconic storylines”. It doesn’t take much to figure which arc they’re talking about there.

But while much of Hunted is still a mystery, one thing definitely is not. The storyline will be getting a launch in style, with a full slate of variant covers. As usual with these kinds of things, the theme will be spilling into books other than Marvel’s spider-themed ones.

So you’ll find Spider-Man variant covers on titles that have nothing to do with Spidey or this story. While the gimmick is a well worn one at this point, it also can make for some awesome images. That’s just what we’ve go here too, with some very cool, original pieces from some big name artists.

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Here’s a taste of what you can look forward to seeing on the racks this March:

1.AVENGERS #16 by Greg Hildebrandt

2.AVENGERS #17 by Lee Garbett

3.BLACK PANTHER #10 by Jen Bartel

4.CAPTAIN AMERICA #9 by Pasqual Ferry

5.CHAMPIONS #3 by Mike McKone

6.CONAN THE BARBARIAN #4 by Mark Brooks

7.DEADPOOL #10 by Nick Bradshaw

8.DOCTOR STRANGE #12 by Greg Land

9.FANTASTIC FOUR #8 by Humberto Ramos

10.IMMORTAL HULK #14 by Chris Stevens


12.SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST SPIDER #6 by Jorge Molina

13.SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #4 by Iban Coello


15.UNCANNY X-MEN #13 by Adi Granov

16.UNCANNY X-MEN #14 by Paolo Rivera

17.VENOM #12 by Ryan Stegman

18.X-23 #10 by Inhyuk Lee

19.X-FORCE #4 by Ron Lim

20.X-FORCE #5 by TBA

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