I read that issue about 50 times

Scorched #3 to get trio of interlocking covers as homage to iconic X-Men #1

One of the best-loved comics of all time, Marvel’s X-Men #1 still stands tall as an icon. It’s one of the reasons The Scorched #3’s cover will pay tribute.

I read that issue about 50 times

If you were a comic fan back in the 90s, then you know full well how important X-Men #1 was. The book ushered in not only a brand new, shockingly iconic, era for the team of superheroes in question, but also the age of Jim Lee. Both parts of that equation would be felt in the comics universe for decades.

Cover B from Todd McFarlane

And while Todd McFarlane’s Spawn’s Universe is still in its founding, some similar things might be said about it. For one thing, it’s selling like no other comics around right now, with issues busting records. And for another, the newest book, The Scorched, is the first team book in the Spawn pantheon.

“Over the years, I have what seems like hundreds of homage/parody covers based on my artwork. So, it is always fun to turn the tables and do an homage to other covers and artists whose work I have admired. This will mark my first attempt at tipping my hat to my friend Jim Lee’s amazing art. His career and the images he has given us have been an inspiration for many. I thought this image would be the best way to pay tribute to his talents.”

Todd McFarlane

The original X-Men issue had multiple cover illustrations by Lee, which could be linked together to showcase the team taking on Magneto. The Scorched #3 will do the same, with the new Spawn team taking on a mystery villain.

All covers will be out day and date with the general release on March 16th, 2022. “Cover A” is coming up from artist Francesco Mattina, with McFarlane’s “Cover B” linking up to his (as yet unrevealed) other 2 editions.

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