I, the Inquisitor gameplay tasks you with hunting down sinners

I, the Inquisitor gameplay tasks you with hunting down sinners

A gameplay trailer has just released for The Dust’s upcoming I, the Inquisitor. This is the latest RPG to be based on a Polish dark fantasy series. Unlike The Witcher, this one takes a very different turn with a dark twist on Jesus Christ. I, the Inquisitor was first teased in May 2021, but we haven’t heard much about it since then. However, with today’s trailer, we’ve got our first proper look at how I, the Inquisitor plays.

Based on the Inquisitor book series by Polish author Jacek Piekara, I, the Inquisitor is set in a world where Jesus ended up on the dark side. In this universe, he is a vengeful figure who does not forgive sinners. The story is set 1500 years after Jesus’ crucifixion and presents a world that is much darker and crueler, but perfect for exploration and solving crime.


I, the Inquisitor‘s gameplay trailer presents a dark world

The gameplay trailer for I, the Inquistor shows off the general idea of the title. Players assume the role of Mordimer Madderdin, an Inquisitor of the Holy Office. Mordimer’s job is to track down sinners and deal with them as he sees fit. Of course, this means that the game likely features different play styles for players that want to be vengeful or merciful. Whichever path you decide to walk on, the game makes it clear that “no sinner, can avoid their punishment.”

I the inquisitor gameplay trailer

(Image credit: The Dust)

What’s intriguing about the game is the approach it seems to take. There’s a large emphasis on sleuthing and finding clues to solve various crimes. Choosing how far Mordimer goes to find out the truth will be left to the player to decide. Players will also explore the ‘Unworld’, a realm that reveals the secrets of suspects. Of course, there’ll also be plenty of combat to engage in. The gameplay trailer doesn’t show too much of I, the Inquisitor‘s fighting, though.

Still, I, the Inquisitor certainly looks to be an interesting game judging from this gameplay trailer. As for when it releases, we don’t have an official date or release window yet. We may find out more about it soon, as Summer Game Fest 2022 is right around the corner. Be sure to check the game out on Steam for more information.

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