IG-88 joins Gentle Giant’s Kenner Jumbo series

Collectable maker Gentle Giant’s series of jumbo sized classic Kenner Star Wars figures is seriously cool. And if you’re a bounty hunter fan, you’re in luck as the assassin droid you love to hate is joining the line.

IG-88 was mostly known for appearing on the bridge of Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. He (it?) really didn’t do all that much either when you think about it. He just kind of stood there… looking cool.

But there’s just something about Star Wars bounty hunters isn’t there? From Dengar to Boba Fett, they’re all pretty awesome; which is probably more of a tribute to design than anything else. And speaking of ‘design’, you don’t get much more iconic (when it comes to Star Wars toys) than Kenner’s original molds- and those are exactly what Gentle Giant uses to make their impressive series of Kenner Jumbo figures.

Standing in at 12″, Iggy is an exact replica of the 3.75 original form back in the ’80s. He (it?!) even comes complete with his original accessories in the form of a blaster and a rifle. Cool stuff.

IG-88 is available for preorder right now to tower over your collection for $80 USD on the Gentle Giant online store. You can grab one for yourself right here.

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