Ill trailer shows off an eye-catching, gruesome first person horror game

Ill trailer shows off an eye-catching, gruesome first person horror game

The Future Games Show aired today and threw a ton of indies at us to sort through. One of those was the upcoming horror title Ill, which included a new trailer showing off some startlingly realistic monsters in creepy dark hallways. Anyone with a taste for gruesome gore and suspense is sure to enjoy the brief teaser.

The game is in active development by Team Clout with no clear release date in mind. The developer has made enough progress to show off a few trailers aside from this latest clip though, and there’s clearly some talented animators and artists working on it.


The stuff of nightmares

We can see writhing tentacles on malformed bodies of monsters that were perhaps once human. Previous trailers show traditional zombies in the games as well. It appears that Ill is about fighting these abominations, but there will also be emphasis on a narrative, perhaps about what created the infestations.

It’s clear there will be a fair share of jump scares in the game as well if you’re into that. It looks artfully done, where a corpse is suddenly attached to something straight out of nightmares. Naturally you have to follow these creatures along as they shuffle away to inevitably ambush you elsewhere.

What stands out about the trailers for Ill is the realism and impressive visuals. The developer confirmed the game utilizes Unreal Engine 5, and there’s no shortage of visually impressive projects coming out based on that engine.

Team Clout appears to be a small studio with little information listed aside from social media channels via Linktree and a main website. The team is crowdfunding this project, at least partly. For now, we’ll just have to remain patient until more work is complete and a final release date is revealed.

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