Immortal Redneck blasts onto consoles today, Switch version incoming

The ever-so-slightly weird PC shooter Immortal Redneck made an impact with us last year, and now its available on the current crop of consoles. Or at least, it will be soon.


I have to admit that I have not yet played Immortal Redneck. And this is coming from a fan of the classic (shut up, yes it is) FPS Powerslave, as well as ancient Egypt in general. For those like me however, it just got a heck of a lot tougher to ignore developer Crema’s blast-a-thon.

That’s because the game is now available for play on the PS4 and the Xbox One. Have a Switch? That’s coming up too. No release date as of yet for it, but Crema says it’s most definitely en route, and should be hitting soon.

If you haven’t played IR before, and you’re wondering why it’s so great, here’s a bit from our review of the PC version, penned by BG staffer Aaron:

Is it Worth your Money?

Yes. Yes it is. No seriously. This is such a fun game. There’s plenty here that’ll keep you busy for a good while and it does not get boring thanks to the random generation, skills and gods. And lets not forget those redneck one liners.


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