Indie Royale Presents The ‘Snow Storm’ Bundle

The latest bunch of low priced indie games from Indie Royale.

The newest indie bundle has arrived courtesy of the fine folks over at Indie Royale.  It’s called the ‘Snow Storm’ bundle, and contains a full six games to play, and as ever you can choose the price you pay for the bundle.

The six games are sci-fi adventure game Resonance (XII Games), city building/RPG hybrid Hinterland (Tilted Mill Entertainment), 3D puzzle platformer Roboblitz (Naked Sky Entertainment), StarDrone (Orb Games), PAX10-winning RTS Project Aftermath (Games Faction) and shooter/platformer RobotRiot (Retromite).  In addition, you get the OSTs for Hinterland, RoboBlitz, StarDrone and Robot Riot.  In addition, pay $8 or more, or the equivalent in your country, and you get the electronic album Plenteri by Pixeljam.

You can check the bundle out at the Indie Royale website.  A trailer for the bundle can be found below: –

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