‘Indie showcase’ Nintendo Direct tomorrow morning

Nintendo is giving you something to watch, and maybe get excited about this week with an Indie showcase Nintendo Direct presentation.


Yes, once again I get to bemoan the fact that the ‘Nindies’ tag is dead. I hated it while it was around, and now I’m sad to see it’s gone. What does that say about me?

Whatever the answer to that question might be, and I’m not asking for guesses, Nintendo has a spotlight ready to shine on some indie titles. The Switch is home to good number of those of course, and Nintendo does hold Direct’s focused the indie scene once in a while.

As usual though, there’s zero info being shared but the company as to what we actually might see presented. These things usually have a few select bigger games at the front, with shorter, rapid-fire looks at a whole mess of games following. So probably expect more of the same, with a bunch of games getting in on the action.

You’ll be able to catch the show via Nintendo’s official site here. The action will kick off at 10am pacific time, and the whole show will be about 20 minutes in length.

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