Infinity Wars is going to get weird. Marvel officially unveils the Infinity War… ps

What is an Infinity Warp? As near as I can figure, it’s a cross between the Amalgam characters from the 90s and the Inversion characters from a few years ago.


I’ve been pretty excited about Infinity Wars. The event got off to a slow start with Countdown, but is really picking up, and now has some really awesome elements thrown into the mix, like Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer/Galactus.

But that excitement is dying down a little with this new announcement. Mixing characters it nothing new. It has been done most prominently in the two examples I gave above, but I’m sure it’s happened more. Including that same story mechanic here, again, just seems a little too derivative for my tastes.

Just announced this week, the Infinity Warps look to be mishmashes of individual heroes. So you get Arachknight, which I’m pretty sure is a combo of Moon Knight and the Scarlet Spider. Meh. Infinity Wars was shaping up just fine without that additional, tacked-on story point.

Though, it is kind of unclear right now if these are actually two characters being combined, or alternate universe versions of the heroes. Infinity Wars has so far included the multiverse in a way, so that could be it. I’m hoping anyway, since that woundn’t be all that bad.

Either way though, we’re getting some Warps. And the first round of them will be:

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