Injustice 2 gets new, loaded version with the Legendary Edition

If you haven’t played one of the best fighting games of 2017, this is your chance. The Injustice 2 Legendary Edition is absolutely packed with content.


The sequel to the original DC Comics fighting masterpiece from NetherRealm, Injustice 2 upped the ante quite a bit. The game offered a gear system, that allowed gamers to outfit their favorite hero or villain with unique equipment. This made them both look and play differently. It also gave the possibility of some really cool alternate looks for staple characters.

The graphics were also outstanding. And to top it off, the selection of fighters was massive. Actually, it’s a roster that’s just finalized thanks to a healthy dose of post-launch DLC. Those Fighter Packs included even a few non-DC standouts like Hellboy and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

And if you missed any or all of these bonuses, then you’ll be very happy indeed to see what’s included here.

  • All downloadable playable characters: Darkseid, Red Hood, Starfire, Sub-Zero, Black Manta, Raiden, Hellboy, Atom, Enchantress and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • Premiere skins available from the Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition including Power Girl, John Stewart Green Lantern, Reverse-Flash, Grid and Black Lightning each with unique looks, voices, and dialogue.

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In addition to the packaged content, enhancements that will be available with Injustice 2 – Legendary Edition include:

  • The introduction of the Learn Hub, the game’s expanded tutorial

  • New Gear items for all characters have been added

  • The character level cap is increased to 30

  • A new Augment Slot is available at level 30

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