InnerSloth continues the back-and-forth fight against Among Us hacks

InnerSloth continues the back-and-forth fight against Among Us hacks

The sensation that is InnerSloth’s Among Us has been having a rough time as of late. Not on the player or popularity front, but more of insidious hackers trying to ruin the experience for everyone else. Despite the developers’ best efforts, players have been plagued by spamming, disconnects, and despawning issues over the last few days. If that wasn’t bad enough, some hackers are holding players ransom. A message directs players to subscribe to the hacker’s YouTube channel or their device will be attacked, and includes links to Discord or Twitter. It is usually signed off with “Trump 2020.”

That is certainly not what anyone is expecting when trying to play a fun party game with friends. In response to this Among Us hack, Innersloth has implemented an emergency server update over the weekend. The team has also implored players to play private games or simply with people you can trust. The fix was met with another round of hacks, which prompted another fix deployed to deal with the continued attacks.

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As if there was not enough, it would appear that the hacker is not done just yet with the Among Us hacks. In response to both Eurogamer and Kotaku, the hacker has no obvious remorse over the attacks. Rather, this sustained attack on one of the more popular games around is designed as a marketing stunt for the hacker’s own cheating service. Of course, the attacker in question also enjoys the process of trolling players–like most hackers do, let’s be honest — and that has not gone down well.

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That has led to retaliation, with the hacker getting doxxed. Their name and address have been made public via Twitter, and it remains to be seen just what else will develop regarding the community and hacks for the game.

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