Insomniac games announces Slow Down Bull

Famous for games like Sunset Overdrive, Ratchet and Clank and Resistance, Insomniac Games have now tried their hand at smaller Indie style games, starting with Slow Down Bull. With a small development team of only 4-5 people, Slow Down Bull allows you to control Axel the bull, to collect things without destroying them in the process, similar to the age old saying ‘like a bull in a china shop’.

Slow Down Bull is a small action game about a stressed out, overachiever bull named Axel,” Insomniac explains. “He loves collecting beautiful things, but has to overcome his innate bull nature to accomplish his goals. Axel tries very hard to be graceful and cautious while he collects, but it’s very stressful! What if he bumps into someone? What if his bull-like nature erupts and ruins everything he’s trying to collect? What if he messes up?

Exclusive for PC at the moment, but no release date as of yet, Slow Down Bull, could be the first of many of these type games from Insomniac Games.

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