International Iron Man #5 (Comics) Preview

International Iron Man #5 (Comics) Preview

Tony is on the hunt for his birth-parents, in the latest issue of International Iron Man.

From the press release:

As Tony Stark stands at the frontlines of one of the biggest events in Marvel’s history, behind the scenes he wages a much more personal battle. Long teased and long rumored, the truth will finally stand revealed as Tony Stark comes face-to-face with his biological mother in INTERNATIONAL IRON MAN #5! Amid sins past and villains long dormant, superstar creators Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev reveal another piece in the puzzle of the Armored Avenger’s history! So, who is Tony Stark really? The time has come to uncover what his true legacy is. As half his true parentage comes to light, how did his adoption long ago by Howard and Maria Stark come to pass? The answers you’ve been searching for start here! Find out as the mystery unfolds in INTERNATIONAL IRON MAN #5 – coming to comic shops and digital devices this July!

Loving Maleev’s work here in International Iron Man, it just fits the character beautifully. Though I have to add that I can’t really say the same for the subject matter. I’m probably not the target audience however, since I’m a long-time Marvel fan who’s not the biggest supporter of all the retcons. I like my heroes and villains in the classic style.

Still though, Bendis’ work runs the gamut from solid to outstanding, so I have no doubt that this’ll be a well-written chapter in Tony’s hallowed comic book history.

Expect to see International Iron Man #5 on the shelves on July 27th.

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