Iron Man 3 Minimates hitting stores this week

Just in time for the blockbuster movie, a whole mess of Iron Man 3 mini-goodness is on the way to comic stores this week.

If you’re looking to re-create the world of Iron Man 3, you can make 13 different characters and armors using the interchangeable two-inch mini-figure line. Comic shops will get Iron Man Mark 42 with The Mandarin, and Iron Patriot (with Rhodey and Savin heads) with an Extremis Soldier (with two hair styles), as well as two exclusive sets: War Machine with Maya Hansen and Cowboy Disguise Tony Stark with Aldrich Killian. Toys “R” Us will also get Iron Man/Mandarin, and Iron Patriot/Extremis Soldier, plus their own exclusive two-packs: Suit Up Tony Stark with Heartbreaker Armor and Bones Armor with Silver Centurion Armor.

The flick might be getting a little flack from hardcore fans, but it’s hard to argue with the product that Diamond Select is pumping out. Personally, Minimates don’t come much cooler than the ‘many armors of Iron Man’ that the company have produced for this line.

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Personal picks- Bones, Heartbreaker and the Silver Centurion. I’ve always had a soft spot for ol’ Centy and it’s beyond cool to see a ‘movie version’ of that particular armor.

The comic shop sets will be in store this Wednesday (May 8th), so get your wallets ready. As for the Toys R Us sets, while there’s no official release date as of yet you definitely won’t have to wait too long as DST says they’ll be available “shortly”.

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