Is Arkane Studios working on Prey 2?

Arkane is best known for last year’s excellent ‘FPS’ Dishonored, and now it looks like they might be resurrecting the long languishing Prey 2.

Don’t shoot me! I’m just the messenger!

Kotaku is reporting that they’ve heard that Bethesda has handed the on again/off again FPS sequel Prey 2 to Arkane’s Austin studio for development. And further more that they’ve done this even though Arkane might not be all that keen on doing it. Allegedly, we’re not talking about a simple ‘completion’ of what’s already there from former developer Human Head either; this one’s supposed to be a full on scrapping and restart.

Bethesda is apparently targeting a 2016 launch date for the game, which is certainly enough time for Arkane to work on it and come up with something new. But I think there might be a big problem here, and that’s that the new developer really doesn’t want to be doing anything with the game they’re supposed to be, well, developing. Prey 2 has been like a hot potato since it’s announcement and has been passed through a number of studios (with one flat out turning it down) before setting in at Arkane.

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It just doesn’t bode well for Prey 2 to be in the hands of a company that would rather be working on something else and as a fan of the original game, I have to wonder if this is the right decision.

Source: Kotaku

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