Is Risk of Rain 2 split screen?

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Before its release a lot of people were asking: is Risk of Rain 2 split screen? You may have seen that the developer advertised the game as having a local co-op mode. This wasn’t necessarily true, however; the game does not come readily packaged with a split-screen mode. A workaround is possible, like with almost everything on a PC, but it may take a little technical know-how and a PC capable of not melting under pressure.

Using the mod and command module

Risk of Rain 2 is an amazing game to play with friends, yet this seems to be limited to online only despite the claims. But with a bit of modder wizardry, you can play Risk of Rain 2 split screen with up to four friends on the same PC. Here’s how to do it:

  • Download a mod – To get Risk of Rain 2 running with the advertised couch co-op mode you’ll need to, first of all, install the FixedSplitscreen mod by xiaoxiao921. It has all the instructions you could need on the page. It is a simple case of copying the file into the folder containing your Risk of Rain 2 game and opening the game on steam as usual.
  • Input a command – Once you have the mod installed, run your game and navigate to the multiplayer menu. Enter the keys ‘Ctrl+ Alt+ ’ ‘ (the last being the tilde key) to bring up the command module. Once the module has loaded up, you can enter the command fixedsplitscreen and press enter. This will force the game into split-screen mode. You will need a second controller for this to work.
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Screenshot via PC Invasion

So, is Risk of Rain 2 split screen?

It takes a little work, but the command is in the game. The developers didn’t entirely lie back in 2018, but there wasn’t an intuitive way to get it running.

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