Is Rock Band getting ready to tour again?

Are you ready to rock? I said, are you ready to ROCK?! …well, how about just playing a new version of Rock Band? Could you be ready for that?

Bust out the plastic guitars (not that they’ll presumably work with the new game). It looks like a sequel to the much-loved rhythm game Rock Band is in the works right now at developer Harmonix for current-gen consoles. Well, if financial news outlet Bloomberg’s source is to be believed anyway.

The source, which Bloomberg says is close to the development house, says nothing more than that the new title is indeed in the works form the original Rock Band studio and that it will be for current consoles like the Xbox One and PS4. Though there are no details (and the report itself may or may not be accurate), it is of note that Harmonix recently circulated a questionnaire to fans asking what they’d like to see in a new sequel.

On top of that, the studio just released the first DLC for Rock Band 3 since downloadable content ceased for the game back in 2013, which has to be a good sign. Website Polygon also got in touch with the group and, while they had nothing to say about a new game, they did point out that “hundreds of thousands of unique users are still actively playing Rock Band games each month. This passion our fans have shown for Rock Band over the years suggests that rock truly hasn’t died, and we’ve always been clear that we’d love to return to the franchise when the time is right.”

Sounds promising. We’ll keep you up to date and in the know, so stay tuned.

Source: Polygon

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