Is the X-Men “143” movie still in the works?

It’s not really clear what’s still happening with Fox’ X-Men slate of films after the Disney merger, but it looks like “143” might still be happening.

X marks the movie

I think this probably still, even with some semi-official word, has to be taken with a grain of salt. The bottom line is that we still don’t know what’s happening with Fox’ X-Men sub-Marvel U.

The company is merging with Disney right now, and future films seem to be on somewhat shaky ground. There’s a rumor that X-Force, for instance, has been cancelled. Moreover, that New Mutants will shift from a theatrical launch to a home release.

Though seemingly Deadpool 3 is still a go, on the flip side. And this year will definitely still see X-Men: Dark Phoenix hit silver screens. That leaves the mysterious “143”.

That’s a placeholder name, by the way. It refers to Uncanny X-Men #143, an issue that focuses on Kitty Pryde battling a demon in the X-mansion. Worked on by comics scribe Brian Michael Bendis, 143 seemingly would have continued the trend of Fox trying to meld their mutant films with horror.

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If you’re unaware, New Mutants was to mix in some horror elements. Though again, it’s now in doubt in some ways. So it’s unclear why Fox would be staying the course with 143. And yet, according to Bendis, it is.

The writer responded to a fan on Twitter, saying…

Of course, Bendis is referring to the fact that he’s writing Superman for DC right now, while still apparently being on an X-Men movie for “Marvel”. Nevertheless, it seems like 143 is still on track.


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