Ishin will let you summon professional wrestler Kenny Omega into battle

Like A Dragon Ishin Features A Professional Wrestler Trooper Card kenny omega

Like A Dragon: Ishin is, by all counts, a game that’s pretty faithful to the history it’s based on. But it still has that over-the-top presentation that Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is well known for. So no one should be surprised when the developer adds something a bit crazy to its games. And Like a Dragon: Ishin is no different, as professional wrestler Kenny Omega will make an appearance in the game. And he’s not alone.

Kenny Omega is well known at this point for his passion for gaming. He’s managed to drop nods to the games he loves throughout his wrestling career to the point where even people outside of wrestling will likely know his name. So it makes some measure of sense for the professional wrestler to be featured in Like a Dragon: Ishin. Thankfully, his inclusion comes in the form of a cool-looking ability.

Like a Dragon: Ishin features a professional wrestler Trooper Card

Like a Dragon: Ishin features several Trooper Cards that give you buffs and abilities in fights. Most of these cards will depict characters from Like a Dragon: Ishin. But a few will also be cameos from some recognizable figures. The first is Kenny Omega, and his card gives you the Essence of One-Winged Angel. And yes, that’s also a Final Fantasy VII reference. The move is a massive slash that attacks all nearby enemies. It even causes feathers to appear, which should remind you of a certain iconic villain.

Omega recently entered the wrestling ring to Sephiroth’s boss fight theme and wearing his iconic look, tying everything together. Suffice to say this isn’t a move you’d normally associate with a wrestler, but he is a gamer and this is Like a Dragon: Ishin after all.

Like A Dragon Ishin Trooper Card

Image via Sega

Omega isn’t the only cameo that was announced earlier today. Rahul Kohli, who appears in TV shows like The Haunting of Bly Manor, also makes an appearance. Kohli’s ability is called Essence of Firestorm. This lets you launch a massive flame attack which shoots out to any enemies in front of you. This looks to be a pretty devastating attack, so it should help against some of the tougher boss fights.

Like a Dragon: Ishin looks to have all the trademark qualities you expect. This includes a plethora of mini-games and karaoke of course. But something that’s a bit more unique is that you’ll be able to do some farming and cooking. Like a Dragon: Ishin seems to have a bit of everything for everyone, including a professional wrestler. Luckily we only have to wait until February 21 to get our hands on the game.

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