Issue 900 of Amazing Spider-Man is going to have a lot of covers

Issue 900 of Amazing Spider-Man is going to have a lot of covers

Time to celebrate the web-head, as Amazing Spider-Man reaches issue #900. Well, sort of. It’s legacy numbering, since Marvel reboots it… a lot.


Yeah, Amazing Spider-Man (and really all of Marvel’s books) has been on the receiving end of quite a few modern restarts. But that’s kind of the age that we’re in, and the days of straight-through runs of 900 issues are pretty much gone.

But thanks to Marvel keeping track, fans get to celebrate high numbered issues anyway, with the latest being Amazing Spider-Man’s #900. And if you guessed that that also means a heck of a lot of variant covers, you’d be right.

Marvel has a baker’s dozen planned, and they’ll all be arriving for the issue’s debut this July. And while the book itself sounds like it might be a pretty slick new take on the Adaptoid, the covers will be a selling point unto themselves. These variants will be spanning the history of the wall-crawler, and packing in some terrific artistic talent too.

Check out the full list in the gallery below, and then make sure you reserve your copies. Amazing 900 (officially Amazing Spider-Man #6) hits the stands on July 27th.

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