It looks like Apple might just be prepping a VR device

The tech monster that is Apple is making moves that could result in a virtual reality device some time down the line.

According to the Financial Times, Apple has brought Doug Bowman into the fold. Who’s Doug Bowman? He’s a professor at Virginia Tech, and also a researcher, and he knows a ton about the hot topic of the moment- VR.

As of right now, there’s exactly ‘zero’ info on just what it is that Bowman will be doing at the company, but the smart money’s on developing some kind of Apple VR system. Although the company hasn’t said much one way or the other about the technology, I’d be shocked if it wasn’t something that they were interested in pursuing.

After all, the list of companies that are exploring VR (or at the very least, AR) includes all the big-shots of the field from Microsoft and Sony to Google. Including Apple in that development and shift into the more ‘virtual’ end of reality wouldn’t be all that much of a stretch.

Stay tuned.

Source: GamesIndustry

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