It’s a century of zombies, all in one tidy little video courtesy of Dying Light

Can you believe that the undead (in some cases) have been shambling about for a century? Let Dying Light and developer Techland take you on stroll through 100 years of the walking, chomping, rotting dead.

Pretty cool right? I’ve seen few ‘makeup’ videos over the years, showing how Hollywood studios get effects out of using simple appliances and shading. You probably have too, though this one is pretty cool just for the fact that it basically walks you through the evolution and thought that went into getting creative with what’s become one of the most famous monsters in fiction. Quite a difference between the first and the last, no?

The video isn’t just a cool look back through time either, as it also leads viewers right into Techland’s Dying Light video game. That game is about to get an expansion pack of course, in the form of The Following, which adds in tons of content including a buggy and a map that’s way bigger than the original (which launched last year). So there’s plenty of reason to reacquaint yourself with the infected that they’ve created.

If The Following is as good as that first release in the series, then there’s a fair bit of fun on the way. It’ll be here in short order too, as Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 9th.

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