It’s a love story… really

Street Fighter: Necro and Effie #1 is the latest expansion of Capcom’s Street Fighter lore from publisher Udon. Here’s a peek at the slate of variant covers.

It’s a love story… really

Well, sort of. Udon’s latest Street Fighter comic follows the loony lovebirds Necro and Effie, straight from the battlegrounds of Street Fighter III.

New challengers approach! Madly-in-love, mutated, and with a few screws loose, Necro and Effie burst into the Street Fighter universe to share their twisted romance with the world! On the run from Urien, Kolin, Nash, and the whole Secret Society, this pair of lunatic lovebirds will need to jump through heaps of harrowing hoops to stay alive!

Udon press release

As you can see, there are 4 covers in total for this one-shot, which is the 4th of 5 that are seeing print this year. That’s about right for Udon, who always has a few variants up their sleeves for new books.

Providing their talented pencils for the standard covers are Hanzo Steinbach and Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz. Pas those 2 lie a retailer incentive variant by Brendon Tapper and an online-exclusive cover. That one comes from Ryan Kinnaird, and is Effie in her spiked suit. You can get that only at

All of the above hits stars and online retailers on June 26th.

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