Jango Fett joins Koto’s ArtFX+ line

February 1, 2013
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Boba Fett’s father and the clone template for the Grand Army of the Republic is about to be added to Kotobukiya’s excellent Star Wars ArtFX+ line of super detailed statues.

A fierce and determined warrior, Jango Fett always wears his full suit of Mandalorian battle armor and wields his signature dual blaster pistols. The silver armor plating over a full-length blue bodysuit is clean and well-polished, a marked departure from the more ragged look of his son. Jango’s armor even has all of the little details right out of the film from the belt of pouches to the wrist-mounted weapons, and of course one of the coolest helmet designs of all time! You can even display the bounty hunter from two different scenes in the film with interchangeable screen accurate backpacks from his battles on Kamino and Geonosis. Finally, interchangeable arms let you pose Fett in a classic “draw” stance or aiming his blaster pistol, while magnets in his feet give him extra stability on his included display base.

Jango, like all ArtFX+ statues, snaps together and requires no glue or modeling skills to assemble. He stands in at 7″ tall (thats 1/10th scale) and will cost you $54.99 USD when he goes on sale in the third quarter of this year.

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