J!nx launches new World of Warcraft: Legion line

World of Warcraft: Legion is almost here to expand Blizzard’s stalwart MMO yet again, and now you can dress the part.

It’s demon season in World of Warcraft, dress appropriately

Illidan Stormrage and his troop of demon hunters are on the way to WoW on the PC as the newest playable class in the ultra-popular game. And just in time, a whole mess of cool new Legion gear is on the way to yo. That courtesy of clothier and accessory maker J!nx.

‘Glowing’ green is the theme of the day for this new stuff, which mimics the color scheme of Stormrage’s faction. Of, if you prefer, green is also the color of the dastardly Gul’dan and the demon hordes. So you know, everybody’s wearing it.

As for what you can expect, “t-shirts, hoodies, hats, key chains and more” are all on tap. J!nx is doing the new WoW merch right. Though you’d probably expect that, given that they already make cool stuff from Blizzard’s catalog of games.

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When can you get in on these goodies? Well, right now actually. All you need do is head over to J!nx website and you can dig in. Now all you need to do is pick a side; will you be hunter or demon?

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