Joe Quesada to join the roster of artists for Age of Ultron finale

March 12, 2013
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Marvel Comics’ own Chief Creative Officer was a prolific force in the comic world as an artist not to long ago, now he’s set to join in on the penciling for the Age of Ultron finale this June.

Age of Ultron is a crossover event of mythic proportions and the publisher is going to close the show in style with Quesada behind the drafting table once more.


With Ultron wreaking havoc on the Marvel Universe and only a few surviving heroes left to stop him, the situation looks bleak. Do our heroes have what it takes to bring down the deadly artificial intelligence before it destroys the world? It all culminates in one explosive and exciting final chapter in Age Of Ultron #10—with an ending no one will see coming!


It’s a little unclear if current series artist Brian Hitch will still be working on the book at all since Quesada will be coming in- it could be a switch for the finale, or a multi-part story with a roster of artists. We shall see.

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Age of Ultron wraps up (“ending no one will see coming” and all) this June with issue 10 from Marvel Comics.

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