Thor #24 celebrates the god of thunder’s 750th issue

Marking three-quarters of the way to 1000 issues, Thor #24 (of the modern numbering) will hit stands in April, serving up a new era of thunder.


One of Marvel’s eldest superheroes, the Norse god of thunder is about to officially mark issue #750. Not that it’ll actually be issue #750 mind you, since the book’s been restarted about a hundred times since the turn of the millennium. No, it’ll officially be #24 of the current series, but under the legacy numbering, that’s Thor #750.

It’s setting up to be a ripper too, at least according to Marvel it is. The book will mark the end of the God of Hammers story arc, and lead into… something new. What that is exactly is a mystery at present, but there’ll be at least one big death to mark.

Cover art from Nic Klein

THOR #24 will take place in the aftermath of “GOD OF HAMMERS,” the latest epic in writer Donny Cates and artist Nic Klein’s hit run on the title. After a scorched-earth victory, Thor and all of Asgard reel from a brutal loss. And as Thor and his allies come together so will fan-favorite creators from throughout Thor’s history! In addition to the main story by Cates and Klein, join some of Thor’s most acclaimed writers and artists as they revisit their landmark runs with all-new adventures:


Ensuring it won’t just be ‘another issue’ will be an all-star squad of creatives. Expect to see lots of favorites from throughout the thunder god’s run.

  • Writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Oliver Coipel reunite for a story set during their redefining Thor saga
  • Legendary comics creator Dan Jurgens writes and draws an incredible Thor and Balder teamup
  • Comics icon Walter Simonson writes and draws an all-new adventure starring his beloved creation, Beta Ray Bill
  • Al Ewing and Lee Garbett collaborate for the first time since LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD to bring you an all-new chapter for the god of mischief 
  • Superstar team Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz are back together to captivate you with an Enchantress story
  • And prepare for a revelatory tale about Odin that only writer Jason Aaron and artist Das Pastoras can deliver!

Thor #24 hits stands in April.

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