Kerbal Space Program 2 to release in Early Access next February

Kerbal Space Program 2 Early Access art shuttle earth

After a whopping four delays, publisher Private Division and developer Intercept Games have finally unveiled a definitive release date for the Early Access version of Kerbal Space Program 2. Players will blast off into the great unknown on February 24 of next year, which falls into the developers’ projected early 2023 release window.

The Early Access version will already come with a wealth of content for players to enjoy and experiment with. For instance, Early Access players can construct their ideal spacecraft by selecting from a list of over 350 new parts. Using fuel tanks, engines, and other parts, players can create all manner of rockets, planes, rovers, and other ambitious constructions to make use of on their space expeditions. Of course, plenty of players will want to build for style as well as practicality, so Kerbal Space Program allows you to use paint and other decorations to spruce up your favorite vehicles.


More than just a demo

Once you’ve settle on a vehicle design, it’ll be time set out and explore the vast Kerbolar system. The Early Access version already lets players visit the entirety of this planetary system, which features areas from the original Kerbal Space Program that have received hefty visual makeovers. Choosing a landing site will now bring its own challenges to the mix thanks to the game’s terrain system, and a newly-added planetary atmosphere system will provide vast cloudscapes for you to enjoy.

Additionally, the Early Access release of Kerbal Space Program 2 will come with a host of quality-of-life changes and improvements, including “enhanced map and maneuver iconography,” a newly-added flight HUD, and the ability to “time warp while accelerating.” Of course, the developers will take the feedback given during Early Access to make various improvements over time. Also, they already have a few noteworthy features that they will add to the game over the course of its Early Access run, such as colonies, multiplayer functionality, and modding support.

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