Kerbal Space Program update enables outer space constructions

Kerbal Space Program update enables outer space constructions

Nothing quite beats leaving this planet behind for new pastures, and Kerbal Space Program is perfect for that. You can go about constructing the best rocket mankind has ever seen, but sometimes, improvisation can go a long way. In a new Kerbal Space Program update, the little green guys get construction tools.

The 1.11 update, “Some Assembly Required,” is the latest major update for Kerbal Space Program. With it comes some truly game-changing and significant elements that will give you more flexibility. The Kerbonauts can now pack an inventory for their missions. The engineers will be able to modify the crafts or even assemble a new vehicle, so no more relying on home base. They can even bring along an EVA Science Experiment Kit to do some tests.


The inventory system received a rework of sorts to make all of these changes possible. Overall, the expansion makes it more meaningful with more functionality. You can now carry and stack different parts in your craft’s inventory, and the Kerbals are getting the good stuff as well. All you need to worry about is bringing the right stuff on your missions.

Kerbal Space Program Update Enables Outer Space Constructions (2)

Road repairs

The Kerbal Space Program update also adds new lights to the game. It’s time to make space a brilliant light show. Even better, two new smaller Reaction Control Systems are now available. They will help make your probes, drones, and smaller craft more nimble and versatile.

Things will not just play better, they will look more awesome as well. The Kerbal Space Program update continues the overhauling of the Joolian satellite system with Bop, Vall, and Tylo. High-quality textures and graphic shaders will make everything look even better than before.

Alongside all these changes, there are the usual bug fixes as well. The full patch notes post on Steam has you covered for this Kerbal Space Program update. As for the future, Kerbal Space Program 2 will arrive sometime in 2022.

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